Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre

A Steamy Lesbian Short Story

Summertime in Cuba can be torrid.

When not working, Edna Becker perfects her tan. Men constantly whistle at her, confirming her breast augmentation was worthwhile, but these guys do nothing but temporarily boost her self-esteem. She wants more.

Truth is, Edna doesn’t care how many men gawk at her. They’re off the menu. She’s always been a strict lesbian, and a picky one at that.

So five weeks in Cuba have gotten her nothing but tanned, bored, and horny as hell.

She craves a new lover, someone sexy to play with and occupy her time. What’s the point of having the perfect breasts if no one’s touching them?

While wandering the streets of Old Havana, Edna finds a poster announcing free art lessons by a Spanish painter named Valentina. With nothing to lose and a whole lot of time to kill, she walks in and joins a group of local students.

But in front of them stands a brunette. Petite, sexy, and attractive as fuck. Just her type.

Edna’s hot for teacher, and Cuba has finally gotten interesting: a new hobby worth trying and a woman worth chasing.

Will Edna succeed in seducing her teacher?

Cuba Libre is an FF short story filled with titillating details meant to arouse both men and women. If you like your lesbian erotica with a good storyline, then you’ll enjoy this short and very steamy read by S.M. Pratt, the author of an ongoing FFM series called The Stewardess’s Diary (first season) and The Diary Obsession (second season).

Warning: Contains mature themes and explicit content. All characters are 18+ as should be the readers.

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