The Steamy Layover That Started it All

Series: The Stewardess's Diary, Episode 1

Follow the flight path of a determined captain as he seeks the owner of a diary.

Capt. Charlie delves into the written accounts of a mysterious stewardess, compelled by her increasingly progressive sexual adventures and excited by the clues he uncovers.

As he travels the globe to locate her, his obsession grows and his sexual horizons broaden, but will his womanizing tendencies prevent him from reaching his goal?

Episode 1: Canada introduces the mystery stewardess as a heartbroken woman. Alex, a fellow flight attendant on a red-eye flight to Toronto, recommends she stop looking for relationships and instead focus on enjoying the moment, trying out one-night stands. Will the stewardess quiet down her mind and pull it off?

If you like smoking-hot voyeurism, innovative storytelling, and steamy scenes that break hetero bounds, then you’ll love S.M. Pratt’s sizzling tale.

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⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎A pleasant start to a traveling sex show

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The Stewardess's Diary

Season One of The Stewardess's Diary Saga

The Stewardess’s Diary is a contemporary erotica novel split into ten short, self-contained episodes. It follows Charlie, a veteran airline pilot, as he attempts to locate the stewardess who wrote the diary that mysteriously appeared in his carry-on.

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NOTE: The story continues in the second season, another episodic novel called The Diary Obsession.