The Complication

The Complication

Charlie experiences the Maison Close

Series: The Diary Obsession, Episode 8

In Episode 8 (The Complication), Sophia returns to Paris to find her maison close in dire danger. A government inspector has started digging into her affairs, which could lead to severe fines and jail time for both herself and Nicholas, her lawyer.

How was the government notified? Was Charlie to blame for the leak?

Sophia and Nicholas will attempt to present the maison close as a legitimate hotel, but will they pull it off?

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The Diary Obsession

Season Two of The Stewardess's Diary Saga

The second season focuses on Captain Charlie as he deals with his big problem: He’s obsessed with not just one woman but two. These sexy, smart, and beautiful ladies want to add a man to their existing relationship, and Charlie is convinced he’s the right guy for the job.

Read along as he stumbles his way to their hearts by deciphering the women’s diaries.

NOTE: These books are best read AFTER reading the first season of The Stewardess’s Diary.

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