Travel Memories: Costa Rica

Pura Vida!

This local expression can be interpreted in many ways, but it roughly means “this is living!”. (click the link above for more information).

I spent five or six months in Costa Rica quite a few years ago. I enjoyed spending time there and met some wonderful people, both locals and expats like me.

The pace of living is slower, the cost of living is lower than North America (although they have dual pricing on things/services. If you’re a gringo, prepare to pay more than locals).

Wildlife is everywhere.

That squirrel made me laugh so hard! I was hanging out with some friends on a beach and watched the little guy drag the dried up coconut shell up the tree. Of course, a coconut can roll down with gravity, so the little guy kept fighting to get it up higher and higher. If you’ve ever watched any of the Ice Age movies, then you can imagine the pre-historic squirrel with his nut. Same. Thing.

It was hilarious! 


I worked from the apartment I rented but also spent a lot of time hanging out with friends at a restaurant directly on the beach. (So much time that I got a significant discount on my beer orders. That’s the way I like it!)

The following was the view from the same restaurant at sunset. I pretty much spent ALL my evenings there, looking at the sun setting while drinking ice-cold, local beers.

Some nights, live bands played to entertain the guests. Other nights, we were treated to a donation-based fire-juggling show.

While going through my photos, I found my friend’s cigarette pack which had me cracking up with the health warning. 

Spanish isn’t my first language, but I’m pretty sure this can be translated as “Smokers have an 80% higher mortality rate than non-smokers.”

So does that mean that if you don’t smoke you have a 20% chance of never dying, ever?

Pura Vida!


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