Where to Leave Reviews

You can leave reviews in multiple places and you can copy and paste the same review in multiple locations.

Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play are the most important to me, followed by reader sites like GoodReads and BookBub, but I will gratefully accept any and all reviews you post for me.

Here’s a list of all the retailer links for each book. Click each link and you’ll find the individual retailer links for that one book.

NOTE: The individual installments for the first season only exist as large-print paperbacks on Amazon. The bundles of five are available in e-books and the complete bundle of ten is available in paperback only or ebooks at non-Amazon retailers.

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 1: Canada: https://www.smpratt.com/books/canada/

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 2: Mexico: https://www.smpratt.com/books/mexico/

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 3: Costa Rica: https://www.smpratt.com/books/costa-rica/

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 4: USA: https://www.smpratt.com/books/usa/

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 5: Ireland: https://www.smpratt.com/books/ireland/

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 6: Thailand: https://www.smpratt.com/books/thailand/

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 7: France: https://www.smpratt.com/books/france/

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 8: Holland: https://www.smpratt.com/books/holland/

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 9: Japan: https://www.smpratt.com/books/japan/

The Stewardess’s Diary – Part 10: Spain: https://www.smpratt.com/books/spain/

The Stewardess’s Diary – BUNDLE Parts 1-5: https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-stewardesss-diary-episodes-1-5/

The Stewardess’s Diary – BUNDLE Parts 6-10: https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-stewardesss-diary-episodes-6-10/

The Stewardess’s Diary – PAPERBACK 1-10 Amazon (and complete season ebook at other retailers): https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-stewardesss-diary-the-complete-episodic-novel/

The Transition (The Diary Obsession, Episode 1): https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-transition/

The Adaptation (The Diary Obsession, Episode 2): https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-adaptation/

The Declaration (The Diary Obsession, Episode 3): https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-declaration/

The Orientation (The Diary Obsession, Episode 4): https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-orientation/

The Addiction (The Diary Obsession, Episode 5): https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-addiction/

The Destruction (The Diary Obsession, Episode 6): https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-destruction/

The Vacation (The Diary Obsession, Episode 7): https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-vacation/

The Complication (The Diary Obsession, Episode 8): https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-complication/

The Diary Obsession – BUNDLE Episodes 1-5: https://www.smpratt.com/books/the-diary-obsession-1-5/

Cuba Libre: https://books2read.com/cuba

You can find all my books listed by retailer here:


Apple Books


Barnes & Noble

Google Play



How to Leave Reviews

I’m not incentivizing reviews in any ways. I want you to post honest reviews of my books to help other readers determine whether my books are for them. Reviews don’t have to be long.




Amazon requires a minimum amount of annual purchase before people can leave reviews, so you may or may not qualify. Amazon has different storefronts, depending on where you live.

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/stores/S.M.-Pratt/author/B018D4IVUK
Amazon Canada: https://www.amazon.ca/stores/S.M.-Pratt/author/B018D4IVUK
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/stores/S.M.-Pratt/author/B018D4IVUK
Other Amazon Stores: If you live elsewhere, just change the .com to your version of the Amazon store.

Click the cover of a book you’ve read, then scroll (way) down the book’s details page until you see star ratings on the left. Click the “write a customer review” button and do your thing.



Click the name of a book you’ve read. On the next page, just below the book cover on the left, click the appropriate star rating on the gray “Rate this book” text.



Click the name of a book you’ve read. On the next page, on the right, click “Review” and do your thing.



Click the cover of a book you’ve read. On the next page, scroll down until you see the red “Write your review” button.

Apple Books


On a desktop/laptop: Click the cover of a book you’ve read. Just below the book cover, click the blue button that says “view in iBooks” and Apple Books will open. Next to the cover, on the right, your screen will display the “Details” tab. Next to the “Details” title is another tab that says “Ratings and Reviews.” Click it to access the review interface.

For mobile instructions, see here (starting with step 2): https://help.booksprout.co/article/12-how-to-review-on-ibooks

Google Play


Click a cover. Scroll to the “Reviews” section. Click on the “Write a Review” button. Add your star rating
Click “Submit” when you are satisfied with your review.